Each student created their own image with the techniques of batik. Batik is the process of applying melted wax to a fabric surface before being dipped in dye. The wax prevents the dye from soaking into the areas were the wax was applied. The wax is then dissolved off of the fabric. The fabric dye colors in the finished pieces are blue, yellow, purple, and green. A series of small 4” x 4” batik images are showcased in two 24” x 24” black shadow box frames. They are highlighted with a light green linen matte.

Sam Sanders, Matisse Thibeau, Kamlyn Yosick, Annie Burrus, Owen Cooper-Karl, Graham Hughes, Kalonice Walker, Adain Moran, Ben Mullen, Caitlyn Brock, Mia Valle, Avery Behnke

Harrison Canfield, Remy Fosso, Claire Chasse, Sahalie Bishop, Isabella Saracco, Jakob Herrera, Colin Lundberg, Ella Shriner, Lila Fenner, Lilian Thomas, Brook Hamilton, Anthony Ilosvay, Tristan Leissler

Parent Contact: Kim Ilosvay

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