The kids have been asked to collect and bring into class, natural objects that are small. The colors they’re using are blues, greens, and some white, silver and gold. They will paint some of the objects, so there’s a little flexibility on color. The blocks were cut in 1” and 2” thickness, using a leftover 4 x 4 fir post. The sides have been coated with Modge Podge, tops have been painted by the students, and given a coat of ‘sparkle’. Each student will then have the opportunity to collage the top of their block using the materials brought to class to share.
Thank you to George Ramos for cutting the wood blocks.

Suggested Items for the collage:

- leaves for imprinting
- small shells or pebbles
- sand or glitter
- glass, wood, or natural-looking beads
- small interesting twigs
- beach glass, or marbles
- small magazine cutouts
- feathers or dried flowers
- cloth flowers or leaves
- dried seed pods

On several different occasions the students were able to add stenciling and embelishments to their wood blocks.

Kindergartener Willa Gagnon adds details to her wood block.

This finished project is mounted on a birch plywood with a clear finish.

Parent Contact: Christine Jeschke


The kindergarten students in Ms. Shue's class also had the opportunity to create a project with local glass artist, Jennifer Wells. Each child created their own small house with glass. A series of fused glass houses will be set into the panes of a recycled window sash. Check out Jennifer's website at .

McKenzie Tell...gluing her pieces of a house.

Max Ognall...choosing his house colors.

A set of assembled houses...ready for the kiln!

Parent Contact: Marty Buckenmeyer


Kelly said...

You're auction projects are beautiful! I'm a kindergarten teacher as well and we just finished our auction project, but I love the idea of found objects on the blocks of wood. It turned out wonderful! It's amazing what kindergarteners can do!

Snippety Gibbet said...

Fused glass in kindergarten?? Now every parent will want to keep these. Gorgeous!

Unknown said...

Beverly, I was so inspired by your wooden block project that I followed your example. My JP Class of Grades 1, 2 and 3 did a combined Project for our Annual Wine Auction. The children collected flotsam and jetsam from the beaches around Hermanus in South Africa, where we all live. Together we produced a beautiful piece of work. Every child created his or her own miniature masterpiece which was awesome when it all came together.